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      If I’m reading this correctly, this is saying that men that get abortions, and men that get raped don’t matter because...
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      Why the fuck will be people spend so much more effort arguing that we should throw trans* people under the bud for...
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      Also, just because someone points out that a particular thing is cissexist - in this case, the article - doesn’t mean...
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      Rebageling for commentary by keepyourboehneroutofmyuterus and swellshark. The other assholes can stfu.
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      actually, saying “people who have abortions” and not women or females is REALLY EASY. and the “female sex” isn’t a...
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      important reminders of why it is important to remember not to be cissexist when talking about abortion.
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      Reblogging cuz holy fucking shit. We’re being sterilized. It isn’t “just” intersex” people being sterilized against...
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      Just thought I’d say that the “female sex” argument really isn’t going to cut it since the vast majority of FAAB trans...
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      Your compassion and empathy is just stunning.
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      Okay, the “men don’t get raped in significant numbers lol” thing is bullshit and that person should stfu there, but...
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      i got to the word Insignificant and shat my pants. shut. the fuck. up. #notyoujax sorry, fewer men than women medically...
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      Check this out. The original two sentences, about how the link is cissexist, are True Statements of Fact, not...
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      i make that mistake sometimes. oop.
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      Well I do have to admit the link is rater cissexist, but most of the links included are mostly people who...
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      Trigger warning; cissexism, binarism, mention of rape & use of the word ‘butthurt’ So it’s so important to invalidate...
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      Oh hey sophine it appears you need to check your cis and gender binary privilege. Getting basic fucking health care for...
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