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    I *am* trans and capable of getting pregnant and the whole “it’s not really a WOMEN’S issue” thing makes me uncomfortable. That some people who are not women can get pregnant does not change the fact that the anti-choice movement was founded in misogyny. Honestly? It strikes me as very “What about the menz?”, with non-binaries thrown in as tokens (as trans men pretty much always do to us non-binaries.)

    It also feels kind of misogynistic to assume that it’s “people’s” rights, the “Let People Die” bill, etc., as though it’s not GOOD enough that women are being oppressed. I mean, who cares about them, right? MEN are being oppressed too!

    The idea that being inclusive of ALL people who can pregnant, not just those who identify as “women” is equivalent to “what about the menz” is total bullshit. Full stop. You think I should stop being inclusive because you think the people I am including are not inclusive enough? If there are trans men who are such assholes that they make the argument in the vein of “what about the menz?”, take that shit up with them. That doesn’t happen here on KYBOOMU, it’s not an attitude I advocate, and I don’t appreciate that implication.

    As for something like “Let Women Die” bill, I never argued that it should be called something else. I simply posted about it and then noted that other people would die, too. So, then we get to see how misogyny is at heart of anti-choice movement while simultaneously recognizing that more than just women are hurt. HOW IS THAT BAD?

    I’m so tired of people saying that because I am inclusive that I am disregarding or ignoring or making silent the reality of how antichoicers go after cis women or that cis women are the targets. That’s just not true. I’d like someone to find some fucking evidence of how this is true, an actual example, and then we’ll have something concrete to argue about.

    My language is inclusive. It’s not simply about cis women and trans men. It’s about all people who can get pregnant. It’s about anyone who doesn’t fit in the normal gender binary, whatever that is. If you interpret that as me thrusting trans MEN into the spotlight, I can’t change your mind. If you see me adding a note at the bottom of an article that is ALL about cis women as somehow silencing the experience of cis women, then you are seeing what you want to see. 

    And if you want to charge that me being trans inclusive is misogynistic, then fuck you. If you think what I do here on KYBOOMU is misogynistic, then fucking unfollow me, get out of my fucking face, and take all of your anti-inclusive bullshit with you. That deeply hurts my feelings to be charged with misogyny simply because I am trying to make sure that all people who are affected by anti-choice laws, de-funding of family planning, etc. are acknowledged. 

    Shit like this makes me want to fucking quit this Tumblr and walk the fuck away. Sometimes I am simply not in a place emotionally where I can deal with this.

    But I like all the rest of you so much. 

    In other news, last night Ron Paul said that he would back a FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to give zygotes personhood, Rick Santorum hates all of us, Rick Perry thinks that rape victims shouldn’t be able to get abortions because Moses had a hard life, and Newt Gingrich said prochoicers treat pregnancy as if it is the same thing as having a malignant tumor. There are the enemies. GO AFTER THEM.

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      I love both of you. I’m sorry original anon, but as far as I’m concerned, including men in the reproductive justice...
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      I was the one who tried calling it the “Let People Die” bill. I didn’t realize it was misogynistic to acknowledge that...
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