1. Send me your Pics and Links!

    click on the down arrow to the right of “Submit a Photo” on the submission form below. A drop-down menu should appear, allowing you to select “Submit a Link.” If you add commentary to anything, just follow the same submission guidelines below (there is some stuff I just won’t ever put up - and I also have the right as moderator to edit commentary to better fit the commenting guidelines).


    The easiest way to do this at this point is to use: http://wigflip.com/roflbot/.

    For roflbot, you will need to find a picture from the interwebs yourself:

    1.) Google whatever politician; for example - “John Boehner.” And click on “images”.

    2.) Once you find an image you like, right click and select “copy image location.”

    3.) Go to http://wigflip.com/roflbot/ and paste that link/image location you just copied into “start with a picture from the web.” Then follow instructions to insert and position text.

    4.) Once you have created your image, you have 2 minutes to download it onto your computer. Either right click and select “save image as” or click the link below or above the image that reads, “save it on your computer.” You can also save it to your flickr account.

    5.) If you downloaded it, then just come back here and upload it via this page.

    6.) If you choose to save it to flickr, you can post it by right clicking on the image in flickr and selecting “copy image location.” On the submission form below, in order to paste an image from a link, click the little tree icon on the bar above the big text box. A small pop-up will appear where you can paste the link.

    I will approve it and your image will go into the queue and should appear soon (which can mean days depending on how many submissions I have received and how time sensitive your image/link is). Thanks!

    If this page is not working for whatever reason, feel free to send me the link to your photo at kyboomu [at] scatx [dot] com.

    NOTE ON SUBMISSIONS: I will not accept any that make fun of women, anyone in the lgbt community, any minority or immigrant population, any body type, or any type of mental illness. Please refrain from using words like “crazy” to describe what Boehner does because being “crazy” does not mean you are an asshole - the two are not synonymous and that language can be hurtful.

    Just keep to making fun of antichoicers’ ridiculous hypocrisy and devaluation of women as citizens and we should all be fine.

    FINAL NOTE ON INCLUSIVITY: I try very hard on this Tumblr to be inclusive. Not only women need or want access to abortion care. While women may be the target of antichoice legislation and attacks, the net of who is injured or harmed by such things is larger than just women. Therefore, on this site, I do try to use language like “pregnant people” instead of “women” (though there are cases - a few - where it makes more sense to say “women”).

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